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Why Choose a Fifth Wheel?

It’s never too late to start looking for your next RV. Maybe you’ve spent the summer traveling around and have decided to make it a more permanent lifestyle choice. If this is the case and you’re looking for a bigger RV, or even if you’re just looking for something different, you might want to consider a fifth wheel. While all RVs come with great benefits unique to each type, fifth wheels can offer a wide variety of great amenities and features that can make each camping trip more enjoyable. Ryan’s RV Town has provided you some of these benefits so you can decide if a fifth wheel is right for you and your family. Then stop by our location near Tacoma and Seattle, Washington to check out some of the models we have available right now.


One of the most noticeable benefits you’ll get from a fifth wheel is the size. Fifth wheels are often the biggest towable RVs on the market, especially if you’re looking at a newer and more luxurious model. This directly translates into more interior space and more interior height. Not everyone wants or needs a big RV, but if you have a big family or if you intend to spend a lot of time in your vehicle, then bigger is probably better.

Unbeatable Value

Full disclosure: the extra size means a higher price. While fifth wheels are often the largest towable RVs, they’re also some of the most expensive. But this doesn’t mean they don’t have great value. Maybe you have to pay a little extra for them, but along with all the great features, you’ll also get a rig that lasts longer with fewer–and less expensive–repairs. They’re also generally cheaper to insure than certain RVs, especially when compared to RVs with motors. If you’re willing and able to put in the extra money ahead of time, you’ll have a vehicle that can go the distance.

Ease of Transport

One concern many RV buyers have when it comes to fifth wheels is how they’re going to get the rig from point A to point B. Of course, technically you just use a truck to tow it around, but all that extra size can be a little intimidating. But ask any RV veteran and they’ll tell you that in reality, fifth wheels are designed to be one of the easier and safer vehicles to tow. This is because there’s a section of overlap between the fifth wheel and the tow vehicle. This overlap provides you more control and more stability, so even on winding roads you’ll have a much easier time traveling than you might with other models.

Keep your Car Handy

On top of an easy trip, your tow vehicle can double as a primary vehicle. One of the biggest challenges for RV owners is balancing the size of their RV with daily trips to town or to see popular attractions. As convenient as big RVs are, they’re not great for this particular aspect of your trip and you’ll probably need something else to get you around. Using the truck you used to to tow the fifth wheel is a great way to resolve this issue and it removes the need to have someone drive a second vehicle.

These cover some of the most basic reasons to get a fifth wheel, but there are plenty more. As the most luxurious towable RVs, they also come with top-of-the-line amenities that will make staying in your rig like living at home, as it should be. So if you’re ready to check out some fifth wheel models, or if you want to compare them to other RV types, stop by Ryan’s RV Town and we’ll help you narrow down your choices. We proudly serve Tacoma and Seattle, WA.