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Travel Trailer Road Trip Checklist

With sunnier weather on the rise, you’re probably aching to get out on the road with your travel trailer and set up for your first camping trip of the year! There’s still plenty to see out there, but whether you’re new to RVing, a veteran vacationer, or haven’t gotten your first recreational vehicle yet, you’ll need to make a conscious effort to plan out your vacation beforehand. This checklist has some tips that you can use to either learn or refresh your memory, but if you have any other questions, feel free to stop by Ryan’s RV Town in Everett, WA. We also serve the areas of Seattle and Tacoma, Washington, and sell a huge selection of RVs and travel trailers, such as Wildwood from Forest River.

Plan your Packing

There’s kind of an art to loading up travel trailers. You need to get together everything you need for your vacation while still balancing the weight out properly over the axles. Remember that your appliances weigh a lot, so you should load in accordance with their position. For instance, if for some reason a lot of your heavier appliances are on the same side of the RV, you’ll need to load some extra weight on the opposing side. From front to back is important too, so just consider how much weight is already on your travel trailer and try to put around 15% of the total weight at the front of the trailer. The rest of the weight should be evenly distributed throughout. You should also make sure that heavier luggage gets stored closer to the floor and lighter stuff up top. If you travel with too much weight higher up, you’ll throw off the center of gravity, which makes towing incredibly more difficult.

Things to Bring, Things to Leave Behind

You have to learn to be selective when packing an RV. You can’t just take everything from your house that you think you may or not use. Instead you should have planned out meals and activities beforehand so you know more or less exactly what you need. Try learning to take only the necessities, and cut out unnecessary stuff as much as you can. Any extra luggage adds unwanted weight, so leave behind anything you don’t think you’ll use. To pack properly, it’s a good idea to make out your plan by room.

Kitchen Supplies

Fancy china might be nice to have at home, but it’s simply impractical on an RV vacation. Not only does it add extra weight, but it breaks easily. Instead pack with dishes that don’t break, and try purchasing cups, plates, and bowls that fit inside each other. This will save a lot of space, since you’ll be able to store several dishes in one area. For cleaning supplies, gather up your all purpose cleaner, paper towels, glass cleaner, and dish soap to keep under the kitchen sink.

Bathroom Items

Unlike when at home, your RV’s shower space is very limited. Because of this, you want to cut down on all the extra stuff you keep in your bathroom normally. If possible, try cutting it down to shampoo and body wash for your shower, a small package of makeup if you need it, one bottle of perfume, and essential toiletries to keep on the bathroom sink. There’s a lot of stuff you keep in your home’s bathroom that you don’t use everyday, but you can’t afford to have unnecessary items in your travel trailer. Also make sure to bring bathroom cleaning supplies to keep under the sink.

Bedroom Supplies

Depending on how big your travel trailer is, you might have some room to stock extra comfort supplies for your bedroom. You want an RV vacation to be comfy, so don’t cut yourself short on pillows, nice blankets and comforters, and anything else you need to keep comfortable during your trip. Closet space might be a little sparse, so try bringing clothes that wash easily and that you can mix and match with each other. You’ll be able to wear the same items of clothing in different combinations for multiple outfits, so you’ll save a lot of space while still having plenty of variety.

It’s tough at first, but after you get a few vacations under your belt, you’ll get a feel for what needs to go and what needs to stay when you’re taking a trip in your travel trailer. We want everyone to have fun journeys, and the only way to do that is to ensure you have a great RV! Come into Ryan’s RV Town to check out our high quality Forest River travel trailers and RVs, such as the Wildwood lineup. Our dealership in Everett proudly serves Bellingham and Vancouver, WA.