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Travel Trailer Cooking Tips

Cooking while you’re on the road can just be a cluster of headaches waiting to happen. But if you follow our tips and suggestions, and give yourself a little extra time to prepare, Ryan’s RV Town is sure we can make the experience fun and enjoyable. Visit our dealership today in Everett, Washington, near Seattle, Tacoma, Bellingham, and Vancouver and let our friendly and professional staff help you prepare for your next cross country adventure!

Keep It Light

Making sharp turns, coming to abrupt stops, and the tendency for things to shift about even while you’re on a straightaway, can have a damaging effect on your cups, tableware, and flatware. Packing plastic or even paper (which can be recycled) cups, plates, and utensils will sake on weight, space, and are pretty near impossible to break. It’ll also save time on cleanup, especially if you’re travelling with your kids!

Keep It Contained

For all the reasons you want to keep it light, you’ll want to pack your food in self-contained and stackable cartons and containers. When you can group things together tightly there’s less a chance they’ll shift and fall while you’re in transit. You can even purchase cupboard bars to make sure nothing breaks loose and spills the contents of your pantry after taking a sharp left (or right) turn. We’d even suggest using bungee cords or fridge braces for the same peace of mind when it comes to your perishables. You can also use the same cords to lock down jugs or other larger containers inside the fridge to prevent any spills while you’re driving.

Keep It Preserved

If you’re going to be on the road for a while, it may not be the best idea to bring dairy or other perishable products along with you. You can always pick those up at the destination, and not bringing them will save you the heartache of spoiled food later. Pack shelf-stable foods like tuna, peanut butter, beans, etc., anything that doesn’t need electricity or to be on ice to keep cool over long periods of time.

Keep It Efficient

Cooking and preparing meals in a travel trailer isn’t like cooking at home. When you’re bringing a fuel source with you, like propane, it might not be the best idea to cook pasta (which will take time and power and deplete your fuel). And if it’s already warm outside, cooking indoors might just raise the heat enough to make everyone uncomfortable. But if you’re thinking ahead, you can cook meats (for tacos or burgers), or make some grilled cheese sandwiches, or really anything that’s not too time or power hungry, quickly and easily.

Keep It Fun

Don’t be afraid to try new methods while you’re travelling. Camping is a great excuse to try some new things, dutch oven cooking, preparing meals over campfire (either roasting over open flames or preparing foil packet meals). There are even coffee makers that you can use over a campfire! However you decide to prepare your meals, follow our steps above for some added safety and precaution, then come see us! Ryan’s RV Town is located in Everett, Washington, near Seattle, Tacoma, Bellingham, and Vancouver!