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Tips for Renting a Motorhome

Traveling by motorhome has become one of the greatest family vacation experiences available. It offers an opportunity to unplug from social media and explore everything nature has to offer, hiking, camping, fishing, anything you can do outdoors. Ryan’s RV Town understands owning a motorhome isn’t always feasible for modern families, which is why we maintain an impressive fleet of rental motorhomes for a cost-effective solution for families looking to spend time together. Visit our dealership near Everett, Seattle, and Tacoma, Washington, and let our amazing staff walk you through one of our available motorhomes.

Plan Your Trip Ahead

While traveling by motorhome may be the perfect way to break away from daily routines without sacrificing the comforts of home, it can seem daunting to have the open road in front of you. Take time to plan your trip before you leave. Where are you going and how long will it take you get there? Make sure you consider the route as much as the destination, and once you’ve made up your mind you’ll have a better idea of travel time, fuel costs, and other expenses so you can make an informed decision when choosing your rental motorhome.

Know Your Budget

Knowing your financial limitations is vital in preparing to rent a motorhome. It’s not just the cost of renting the motorhome but you’ll need to account for food, fuel, attractions, activities, and it’s always a good idea to have a little extra for emergencies. Something else to consider when putting together your budget, how big is your group going to be? Take a quick headcount and make sure to take age into account, if you’re travelling with children and teenagers your needs and costs will differ than if you’re bringing the grandparents. This will also determine the size of the motorhome, if you need more space for more people your fuel costs will be higher.

Motorhome Must Haves

Every family has different needs when it comes to traveling. A younger couple might be just fine with the bare minimum, smaller space, beds, toilet, fewer kitchen amenities, etc. But if you’re traveling with larger families or more experienced travelers, you might want the niceties. An entertainment system, thicker carpeting, additional living space, larger kitchen and appliances, everything that makes an on-the-road vacation more comfortable. Know what you’re willing to go without and what you absolutely refuse to give up.

As long as you plan your trip accordingly, carefully picking your route and your destination, weigh the costs of what you want to do against the cost of getting there and keeping everyone fed, and then know what your personal comfort level is, renting a motorhome will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. It keeps the whole family together and active and allows you to get away from the daily grind, relax, and take in everything mother nature has to offer. Ryan’s RV Town, serving Bellingham and Vancouver, WA, has a wide selection of rental motorhomes for you and your family to choose from. Visit our dealership today and let our staff walk you through our motorhomes and help you plan the best vacation you’ll ever take with your family!