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Take Your Pet with You When You Buy an RV Near Arlington!

Take Your Pet with You When You Buy an RV Near Arlington!

Is your four-legged friend your best friend? If so, you probably wouldn’t dream of leaving home without him. But, sometimes, traveling with a pet isn’t practical. Hotels charge you extra, and some won’t even allow them. However, if you are traveling by RV, your furry friend can go anywhere you do. At Ryan’s RV Town, we have new and used recreational vehicles (RVs) for sale near Arlington, allowing you and your pet to travel in style. Here are some tips that can make traveling with an animal companion a bit easier.

Consistency is Important

As a pet owner, you know a regular schedule is important for your cat or dog’s well-being. When you travel, things are different. This home is not their normal one. There are a lot of new smells, sights, and people that are unfamiliar. Try and keep to their regular schedule as much as possible to give them a sense of security. Keeping stress levels low prevents anxiety and illness.

Bring Their Regular Supplies Along

Does your dog or cat have a bed they slip in every night? Bring it along. Pack their food and any meds they might need. Unless you know you can buy more of their food where you are going, pack plenty. An upset stomach while traveling is no fun.

Favorite Toys & Treats

Chewing on a few favorite toys means the RV won’t get destroyed by teeth marks. Playing with them can distract them if they are upset. Treats are fun anytime and a great way to reinforce good behavior.

Keep Them Safe

Use a crate and leash to prevent them from running off. Crates are important while the RV is moving. A leash protects your pet and others as they get used to their surroundings.

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