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Storing your Travel Trailer for the Winter

Even if you’re trying to squeeze in some last minute trips before the snow starts to fall, eventually you’ll probably have to put your travel trailer away for winter. Maybe you’re not into cold-weather camping or maybe you don’t have the time anymore with school in full swing and needing to get back to work. So sadly, the travel trailer will need to go away for a little while. But be careful about how you do this.

It’s not enough to park your rig just anywhere. There are certain steps you’ll need to take to prepare your travel trailer for winter and we here at Ryan’s RV Town have listed some of them below. See if your winterization process needs updating, or stop by our dealership to swap more advice with our friendly staff. We’re near Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellingham, Washington. We can even show you some of the ultra-lite travel trailers we have available right now if you’re already pumped for next camping season.


Let’s start inside and work our way out, so first things first: pull everything out of the trailer that can’t stay in the trailer over the winter. At the very least, this should include things like food and items that will expire. But also consider you probably won’t want to go in and out of your camper every time you need something. If you’re going to use it over the winter, or if it’s going to go bad, take it out.

While you’re at it, perform a careful inspection of the interior, looking for holes that’ll need to be plugged so pests don’t get inside. You’ll also want to take out any batteries from devices in your camper so they don’t corrode over winter.

Your plumbing system also needs special attention, so check out our earlier post on adding antifreeze to your water supply. This will prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting when temperatures start to drop.


When you pull the plug on your travel trailer, be mindful of appliances that’ll take some time to shut down. Your fridge in particular is going to defrost, which means any frozen moisture inside is going to melt. Open the doors to accelerate this process and set up towels to soak up the water so you don’t damage your floors.


Now let’s move to the outside. The best thing you can do for your travel trailer is to give it a good wash before storage. Scrub every inch of the camper using a gentle detergent and soft rags and brushes. We also highly recommend applying a coat of wax once everything is dry.

And, just like you did for the interior, inspect the exterior of your trailer for maintenance concerns or holes that’ll need to be addressed before storage. Have a plan for your tires, as leaving them to support that kind of pressure in one spot for a while can wear them down. You’ll want to either be prepared to rotate the tires once a month or find a way to elevate the entire travel trailer slightly to remove pressure entirely. Finally, apply lubricant to any slide-outs you might have.

Where to Store your Travel Trailer

Once your travel trailer is all ready for storage, you’ll need to find the right place to put it. Ideally, this means a large, covered area, like a barn or garage, that’ll help keep the elements at bay. This will probably be easier if you have an ultra-lite travel trailer, since they’re easier to squeeze into smaller spaces, but you might need to find arrangements away from home if your model is fairly large. A great option available to you is a storage unit, although it will require some sort of payment plan.

You can also keep your trailer on your property, either pulled into your backyard if it’s accessible or in your driveway. If this is the route you take, invest in either a specialized travel trailer cover or tarps to protect your rig.

We’ve covered most of the basics, but if you find you need additional help, or if your travel trailer needs to see a mechanic before going into storage, stop by Ryan’s RV Town. We’ll help you with all your RV needs. We proudly serve Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellingham, WA.