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Saving Space in your Trailer

Investing in a travel trailer can be a great way to create a more relaxing and convenient camping experience. You’ll have more comfortable furniture, more interior space, and more storage space to bring along all your favorite camping supplies. However, while you’ll definitely have lots of storage space, there’s still a limit as to how much you can bring along. You won’t have unlimited space and each item you load onto your trailer will add a little extra weight. The first step is to find ways to pack fewer items than you think you’ll need, but after that, you’ll need to get creative about how you load your supplies.

Ryan’s RV Town has provided some tips to help you with this. If you’d like some of our staff’s personal tips, then visit us near Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellingham, Washington and we’ll help you with all your RV-related needs.


Consider the first step in freeing up space is finding ways to pull items out of the trailer itself. After all, you’ll have your tow vehicle to store things in, so you might consider leaving certain items you don’t use every day, or items you don’t use in your trailer, in your tow vehicle. You can also add roof racks, front racks, and rear hitch racks to create other exterior storage options. There might even be some items that you can leave inside the trailer while you’re in transit, but leave outside of it when you reach the campground, like lawn chairs. Throw in any exterior storage that may have come with the camper, and you’ll have a plethora of ways to keep certain supplies outside the trailer itself.


One of the biggest problem areas when it comes to taking up a lot of space is the kitchen and food. Food alone can occupy a lot of fridge and cabinet space, but throw in cooking and eating utensils and you might find yourself stuffing the few storage areas you have. Let’s start with food. Because your fridge is probably going to be fairly small, try to limit the kinds of things you put in there to perishables that must be refrigerated, like leftovers, dairy, and so forth. If there are ways to use canned or dehydrated versions of certain food products, use those instead while you’re on the road. And don’t forget to try freezing things, like pre-made meals. Finally, use recipes that require as few ingredients as possible so you’re not stuffing your cabinets with spices.

When it comes to the utensils you use, try packing as few items as possible. One, maybe two pots or pans will probably suffice, as will just enough cutlery and dishes to serve the whole family. You’ll have to be more diligent about washing the dishes, but this will help you save space. Also look for stackable items so you save even more space.


Another big offender when it comes to having too many things and not enough space is the bedroom. Clothes in particular take up a lot of space, but then there’s linens and toiletries to worry about. Start with the clothes. Ask yourself if you really need an outfit for every day, or if can pack just what’s necessary and locate a nearby laundromat. Maybe it won’t matter so much for weekend getaways, but for longer trips you’ll want to be more conservative about how many pieces of clothing you pack, especially if some of your closet space needs to hold cold weather items like heavy jackets and snow pants.

You might still find that you’re pressed for space. Consider other ways to downsize or consolidate and then consider making other storage spaces, like installing hooks, shelves, and shoe organizers. If you’re still struggling at this point, it might be time to look for a bigger travel trailer. If this is the case, stop by Ryan’s RV Town and ask one of our friendly staff to show you around some of the models we have available right now. We proudly serve Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellingham, WA.