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Ryan’s RV Rental Program 2021


Ryan’s RV Rental Program 2021

For 2021 we will be renting 20+  Four Winds 2021 or 2022 model Class C’s, and a couple others.

Trailers are available by for rental by the month only.

With 25 rentals, we should be able to match availability to your specific needs.  Pictures of most units will be on our Website as well as Walk thru Videos. As always, our units will be the best equipped, and cleanest you can rent without the tacky advertising down the sides.



Booking deposits are non-refundable, however if you cancel with one week minimum notice prior to your start date, your deposit can be applied toward any future rental within 18 mos.

Minimum booking deposit is 500 and will be applied toward your rental costs.

Damage deposits. – Typically motor home deposit are 1500 and trailers are 1000.  These deposits are paid at time of rental and are fully refundable provided that they are returned on time without damage.  Upon return we check them in and settle up on any mileage, damage or other charges.

Allowed Travel Locations:

Anywhere in the US and Canada is allowed except “Burning Man” and the high plains Nevada desert.  The ultra-fine red desert dust is very expensive and time consuming to try and remove from an RV and it frequently ruins the auxiliary generators.  Extra charges and damage deposits may be assessed for the AL-CAN highway, desert locations or events that we feel expose our RV’s to greater risk of damage.


Max Number of Passengers / Seatbelts:

Many of our RV’s seat 2-3 more people than seatbelts are provided for.  We have to recommend that your passengers all be buckled in while in motion, however, in Washington State and most other states seatbelt use is not required in a RV other than for the Driver and adjacent passenger seat.  Therefore, for 2021 we will allow you to seat more adults than seatbelts exist for as long as you understand it is solely at your risk and there is a seat for each passenger.


Our 2021 prep fees run 149-189 depending on the RV and include:

  • Walk through at time of pick up with a qualified expert to answer all your questions.  We will ask you to watch the appropriate video prior to your arrival to expedite this process and if you are unable to do so we may require you watch it at the dealership before your in person walk thru to insure you are given enough information to safely operate all the systems and have a safe trip.
  • Supplies: RV TP (required), RV Tank Chem, one roll paper towels, multi-purpose cleaner, Sewer hose in sanitary condition, Fresh water fill hose, power cord and park adapter, outside mat for under awning, stack of ten RV leveling blocks (lego type).
  • One hour clean up inside on the return and outside wash on return.
  • Propane, you do not need to refill the propane prior to your return it is included.


Additional Kits:

  • This service is offered primarily for groups arriving by plane on a tight schedule.
  • We do offer kitchen kits  (up to 4 person)   Each kit is 150 for up to one week and 50 for each addl week.
  • Kitchen kits include basic pans, utensils, and service for 4 people and should cover 90% of your basic needs.

Auto Storage During Rental:

YES, and it’s free.  One vehicle per rental please.  It is at your own risk but we have not had an issue with a rental client vehicle in the last three years.


Included in the cost of your rental is Collision and Comprehensive that covers our RV.    Additionally, there is Washington State Minimum Required Liability coverage that is secondary to the driver’s liability policy.  This means if you are in an at-fault or no-fault accident that results in damage to others or others property, your liability coverage is responsible first and ours is secondary.  IF you do not have any liability coverage ours will pay up to the state minimum. Additional rental insurance can be purchased and is recommended if you have no other coverage. The first $1500 damage will be deducted from your damage deposit.

On the road emergency service:

All of our vehicles are so new they are covered under the Ford Factory Road-Service program – so you have flat-tire – towing – lock out and more, 24/7 USA and Canada.  IF you are in one of our Mercedes units, same answer but different number – look on the back of vehicle registration on the passenger visor.

On the road non-emergency service.

IF you are having an inconvenient problem such as a leaking faucet or your radio quits, you can get a repair anywhere qualified to perform the repair.  IF the repair is less than $250 no authorization is necessary, just bring back any broken parts and the receipt when you return the RV for reimbursement. For repairs that are over $250 please give us a call and we will try to offer guidance and local service options.  In the unlikely event you have a failure that is not a result of abuse or misuse we will make it right anyway we can.

One – Way Rentals

Yes, we can offer one way rental services.  This typically involves you meeting our driver at an airport near your destination.  The One Way fee will include enough to cover mileage, fuel, travel expense, return days and the charges for the driver.  As an example the a one way rental to the Bay Area usually adds an additional $1200 or so to the rental quote.

Long term Rental

Yes we welcome long term rentals.  Rentals of 30-90 are handled on case by case basis and pay a lower rates for rental and taxes.  We offer trailers and Fifth Wheel trailers for longer term,  on site housing.  Send us an email with your needs for a quote.


  • Delivery services are available within a two hour drive from our location.
  • Customization , Special Needs
  • Please ask, we will try to accommodate any reasonable request.

Rental Purchase

For 2021, if you rent from us and then decide to buy, you can apply up $1000 of your rental toward a trailer purchase or $3500 toward a motor home purchase.  You do not need to purchase the same unit or type of unit you rented but you do need to complete a purchase agreement within 30 days of the completion of your rental.  In some cases, you may delay taking delivery and paying the balance of the purchase price for up to six months.  Ask for further details.


Pets are forbidden with exceptions.  Because we advertise our rentals being pet free, we take every precaution to insure those with allergies do not have their trip ruined.  WE also understand that for some families a pet is an important family member and they can’t consider vacationing without their fur-baby.

Pets may be approved with the following considerations.

  • We will have several units designated as pet approved.
  • A pet fee of $250 will be charged for sanitation upon return.
  • Any additional damages or smells will be addressed and deducted from your damage deposit.
  • Two additional days must be available on the RV’s schedule at the end of your dates to allow for our sanitation service.
  • This service may not be available during peak periods.
  • Pets not declared in advance, but evidence that one was in our RV will result in a 500-1500 fee being charged against the damage deposit and the entire damage deposit may forfeited to off-set costs, lost days and service fees.

Pet sanitation includes wiping the RV down inside (after the std detail) from top to bottom, inside cabinets, drawers, under cushions and furniture with bleach-based disinfectant, and then using a commercial-grade Ozone-generator for a minimum of 12 hours.  This renders the RV unrentable for 48-72 hours and results in the RV being allergen-free.