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RV Fridge Maintenance

Your RV, whether it’s a trailer or a motorhome, has a number of moving parts that require your attention in order to continue functioning properly. The bulk of your RV’s appliances are in the kitchen, which provides you with a place to keep and prepare food while you camp, increasing your comfort and satisfaction during your trip. Your RV fridge is responsible for making sure your food is safe to eat for the duration of your vacation, so you’ll want to keep it maintained for it to serve you well.

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Preparing Your Fridge For Travel

Your pre-camping checklist needs to have some fridge preparation steps on it to avoid you suffering stress down the road. It’s worth the effort and time to inspect your fridge for signs of damage or problems with its functioning. Even if your fridge is just making a weird noise, you should get it inspected by a professional before you head out on your trip, just in case that weird noise is a sign of a major issue.

Try pre-cooling your fridge before your trip for eight to ten hours before you fill it up with your perishables. This step can help to ensure that your food doesn’t experience wild fluctuations in temperature that can create a breeding ground for bacteria. Make sure to only put in food that’s already been chilled in your own fridge rather than food that’s been left out for a while.

Defrosting After Your Trip

When you’re done traveling and intend to keep your RV stored for a significant length of time, it makes sense to defrost your fridge first. Even if you’re traveling again in a few weeks’ time, you shouldn’t have to pay the electric bill on a fridge you’re not currently using. If you live in your RV full-time, you will still need to defrost your fridge every so often to boost its performance and keep it running for longer.

There are several ways you can complete this process. Chiseling or hitting at the ice on the cooling fins or freezer walls is inadvisable because you can accidentally damage the walls of the freezer or the base behind the fins, which will allow the refrigerant (ammonia) to leak out and become a serious hazard and an expensive repair.

The recommended method is simply to shut off your fridge, move all food into a cooler, and allow the fridge to defrost at room temperature. Know that whatever method you choose will require the draining of large quantities of water. Find a good way to catch and dispose of all that water so that it doesn’t damage the interior of your RV, like a large drip tray or plenty of absorbent towels. Don’t put food back in the fridge before you’ve started it up again and allowed it to cool to its normal temperature.

Fridge Safety Tips

Your fridge can cause a few problems that become safety issues if left unchecked. If you smell ammonia, this means the refrigerant is leaking out of your fridge. Shut it off, open the doors and let the fridge air out. Open windows and vents to air out your RV as well, since ammonia gas build-up is not only ruinous to your fridge’s interior, but bad for your health. Keep the fridge off and get it serviced as soon as possible if this occurs.

When working on your fridge, remove flammable products from the area. This means no smoking cigarettes! If your repairs lead you to the roof, make sure that your ladder is secure and that you have someone on the ground to spot you and help you get down again. Be smart when working on your fridge. Consult your owner’s manual before you really dig into it so you’re well-informed and don’t attempt any repairs you’re not sure you can complete safely.

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