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RV Camping with a Baby

Some people thinking about camping or RVing with a baby and balk. Sure, it’s not easy, and we wouldn’t necessarily recommend tent camping with a baby, but RVing with your infant can actually be much easier than it sounds as long as you’re properly preparing for life on the road with your child. You’ll need to put their needs first–as always–so your local RV Dealer, Ryan’s RV Town, has provided some tips for keeping your entire family happy and healthy. If you need additional advice, stop by our location near Seattle and Tacoma, Washington and talk with one of our friendly and experienced staff.

Doctors and Illness

The first priority is health and safety. The first few years of life require a lot of doctor’s visits and you’ll need to be prepared to maintain this need no matter where you are. This may require some forward thinking and planning, but the baby comes first. For all the scheduled visits, for general checkups and vaccinations, consider establishing some sort of home base. This can either be where your stationary home is or somewhere you visit often and is easily reachable. Find a pediatrician at this home base so you can have a familiar face to return to who will know your child and your family on a more personal level.

When you’re out on the road, make sure an emergency room is close by and you know how to get there. Not all coughs are necessarily life threatening, but when your baby’s sick, you’ll probably still want to see a doctor and the ER is the best way to do this at the last minute and in a place you’re unfamiliar with. You’ll probably also want to figure out how your insurance works across state lines.


As you would babyproof any home, you’ll want to babyproof your RV. From exposed outlets and wires to sharp objects and swinging doors, if your baby can reach it, it needs to be babyproofed. This will be particularly important once your child becomes mobile. The nice thing about this step is that much of the RV is already “babyproofed” or rather prepped for travel. A lot of cabinet doors stay secured when you close them because you don’t want them swinging open as you’re in transit.

What to Pack

While packing for yourself probably involves a lot of consolidating, you may be less inclined to sacrifice things you think are important for your baby. As long as you’re not depriving them of what they need, you can still find areas where you can minimize the amount of supplies you bring. For example, consider using cloth diapers instead of disposable ones. Also look for items that easily fold up, like cribs and strollers. You won’t be getting rid of things your child needs, just being smarter about how you travel.

Additional Considerations

There are other little tips here and there that might help along the way. Remember that your baby needs a safe way to travel between campgrounds, so fit your tow vehicle or your motorhome with a carseat that’s appropriately sized for your child.

Also consider how your RV needs might change as your child grows bigger, as well as your family. While you might be able to get away with a tiny pop-up camper now, in a few years it might cause more stress than it’s worth. Finally, be prepared to spend every moment with your child. You can share the responsibility with your partner if they’re traveling with you, but odds are you won’t be able to hire a reliable nanny, so mountain climbing might be off the table until your child is a little older.

If you’ve been inspired to start RVing with your family, despite the struggles you might face in the beginning, then come to Ryan’s RV Town to check out the many RVs for sale on our lot. We welcome all current and future RV owners from Seattle and Tacoma, WA, so stop by today.