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Preventing RV Theft

No doubt you know a few tricks to prevent your car from being stolen: lock your doors, hide your valuables or take them with you, make sure your alarm works, etc. It’s an unfortunately commonplace crime and it should be taken seriously. You should also take RV theft seriously. It’s not as commonly talked about as car theft, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen and RVs tend to be more expensive than cars. Not only will you sustain a major financial loss, but you’ll also lose on the opportunities for memory making and outdoor relaxation. You’ll want to take as many precautions as you can to protect your RV from getting stolen.

Ryan’s RV Town has provided a few common and mostly inexpensive ways to protect your RV, but for more tips and advice on protective equipment, talk with our experienced staff at our dealership. Or if you’re in the market for a new RV, browse our great selection of RVs for sale in Everett, Washington, near Seattle. We also serve Tacoma, Bellingham, and Vancouver, WA.

How you Park

Carefully choosing a parking spot for your RV is the first step to theft prevention. If you’re storing your RV, the best option is to store it in a large garage or other closed areas. Consider also storing it in your backyard if it can be accessed. The idea is to get it off the road and out of sight as best you can.

For smaller, towable RVs, you can invest in a jockey wheel to move it without using your tow vehicle. This will allow you to point your hitch away from the road and make it more difficult to drive off with.

Camp Near Others

Another simple way to protect your RV is to park near other campers. It’s much easier and more tempting to go after an RV that’s isolated. Introduce yourself to your neighbors, so they’ll know if someone suspicious is hanging out near your RV. Thieves are far more likely to pass up a potential grab if there are witnesses around.

Pull the Shades

When you leave your RV or go to sleep at night, draw the shades. Not only does this provide more privacy for you and your passengers, but it hides the contents of your RV and reduces the temptation to steal your rig based on what can be seen. As an added bonus, this can help insulate your RV and keep out sunlight, helping your interior last longer.

Hide your Valuables

Even with your shades pulled, you’ll want to stow your valuables when you’re not using them. Don’t forget that just because a thief doesn’t steal your entire rig, doesn’t mean they can’t go with your possessions. If you can afford it, consider buying a safe for your most valuable possessions and keep others out of sight in an inconspicuous area.

Security Systems

Security systems cover a wide range of equipment and prices. At its most basic, you should always lock and secure your RV when you’re away. If you’re willing to invest a little more money, you might consider wheel locks, hitch locks, and blocks are ways to deter thieves as well.

The priciest, but generally most effective security system, is an actual alarm based security system. Just like with your home, this is an optional way to protect your RV that is extremely effective. In fact, there is numerous security equipment you can invest in. A simple chat with a neighboring camper could give you lots of ideas. Our staff is also happy to help in any way we can.

Many of the most basic theft prevention steps boil down to common sense. Be smart about where you park your RV and don’t make your rig a tempting target for thieves. If you’re willing to pay a little extra money, more locks and a security system can go a long way as well. If you’d like more information on how you can protect your RV, stop by Ryan’s RV Town and talk to our experienced staff about some of their tips and tricks. We’re in Everett, Washington, near Seattle, Tacoma, Bellingham, and Vancouver, WA.