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Picking the Right Class of Motorhome

Setting out on the open road, the possibilities are endless. Are you going to visit your favorite lake or mountain camp site? Will you be hunkering down for an extended stay near family or friends? Or are you looking to crisscross the nation, taking in the sights? Wherever your next traveling vacation takes you, Ryan’s RV Town, near Everett and Seattle, WA, has a wide selection of motorhomes, with individual floorplans and layouts to choose from. Visit us today and let our amazing staff walk you through our selection and pair you with the perfect motorhome for your family!

Class A Motorhomes

A Class A motorhome is the largest type of RV on the road. These vehicles have a profile roughly equivalent to a bus, so they definitely take up some room on the road. Class A motorhomes feature floor plans that can stretch up to 40′ long, and are equipped with large gas or diesel engines that give them plenty of pulling power if you want to tow along a second vehicle. You’ll likely want a second vehicle too, as Class A motorhomes can be tricky to maneuver in tight areas like parking lots and narrow streets, so having a smaller car in tow can be necessary if you plan on making a run for groceries. Most travellers don’t have extensive experience behind the wheel of such a large vehicle, so driving a Class A can be a bit intimidating at first, especially when you’re attempting tricky navigation like tight turns or backing into a camping spot. The major upside to owning a Class A is the expansive living areas that these RVs provide. With plenty of power to haul heavy amenities, and tons of space for full sized appliances, these coaches generally offer the best combination of space and luxury which makes them ideal for large families on the go, or full timers looking for a plush way to enjoy retirement.

Class C Motorhomes

A Class C motorhome is a step below Class A in terms of size. These RVs are about the size of a box truck, from 20-30′ long. Class C coaches are large enough to comfortably accommodate a small family, however groups of 6 or more will certainly feel cramped in one of these. Class C coaches are typically powered by an engine equivalent to a full sized truck, however there’s not often enough power left over to safely tow much behind, so if you’re anticipating the need for a second vehicle make sure you come in and talk to our expert staff. Class C’s offer more comfortable accommodations that a Class B in most cases, but usually lack some of the ‘living large’ features of a Class A. As such, these RVs are a great choice for travellers who are looking for a balance of comfort and versatility when they travel.

Class B Motorhomes

Class B motorhomes are the smallest class of motorhome on the road. These RVs are roughly the size of a large work van, which make them easy for almost anyone to drive. A Class B will usually sleep two comfortably, however some layouts allow you to accommodate guests and sleep up to for. Even so, most Class B motorhomes will feel a little tight for groups larger than three, so these don’t make an ideal choice for growing families. Class B’s are great for solo travellers and curious couples because they make it easy to pick up and go, however they don’t leave any room left over for towing, so extra vehicles are pretty much out. The biggest downside to a Class B is the size, which can feel restrictive for some travellers, however if you’re looking for a cozy way to travel light, you may prefer the simple but clever layouts that these coaches offer.

A Class A motorhome is the most luxurious, the most comfortable, and most spacious of any of the motorhomes recommended above. If you’re looking to spend extended time in any part of the nation, we definitely recommend a Class A. If, however, you want to stay mobile, without sacrificing too much luxury, consider a Class C motorhome. Or if you’re looking for something you can take on quick trips and easy getaways, check out our selection of Class B motorhomes. Ryan’s RV Town, serving Tacoma, Bellingham, and Vancouver, WA, has an impressive selection of available motorhomes, however you want to travel!