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Must-Have RV Safety Equipment

As the old adage goes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. When it comes to RV traveling, it’s important to be ready for various safety scenarios. Hopefully, none of them ever occur! But if they did, you will be glad you planned accordingly. We gathered up the essential items you need to bring to be ready in common safety situations. Part of safety preparation, of course, is driving a smoothly-running RV. If you need any parts replacement or maintenance before your next trip, visit Ryan’s RV Town. We are located near Seattle, Washington.

Fire Safety

It only takes a few seconds for a spark to spread into a raging fire. Within minutes, your beloved RV could be a smoldering charred disaster area. You’ll want to stop the flame as soon as possible, which is where a fire extinguisher becomes handy. Place one in various strategic locations such as the kitchen, near the door, and the storage compartment outside.

You may not always be in the room the moment a fire starts. Smoke detectors are a great tool for alerting you to fire and smoke. You should equip the kitchen and any bedrooms with a smoke alarm.

Emergency Radio

It’s rare, but possible, that you could experience a power outage during your vacation. Usually, these only last a short time. But emergency scenarios can happen, such as a violent storm that knocks out power lines. In these cases, you will want a way to stay informed of safety information. You may not always have cell service or a functioning TV to get needed updates. A hand crank radio works independently of power, so you can stay in the loop of developments.

Water Pressure Regulator

When you visit campsites, you often tap into their systems as your source of water. The risk is that you’ll experience different levels of water pressure at each site. Sometimes, there is no issue. But you could run into a situation where the level is too high, which could damage your pipes. A water pressure regulator fixes this by filtering the water to a suitable pressure for your RV.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

It’s important that your tires remain properly inflated throughout your drive. Otherwise, you run the risk of a blowout and wearing down your tread (which threatens your ability to maintain traction with the road). Checking the tires manually is tedious work. It’s also limited to your ability to find a good location to pull over.

A tire pressure monitor system solves this problem by providing with real-time updates of your tire pressure as you drive. Some are advanced enough that they give updates each minute. Some also store this data, which makes it easy to catch irregularities that could signal a problem.

Surge Protectors

Similar to your water situation, you will often tap into the campsite’s power source. The risk is tapping into intense currents that can damage your electrical equipment. Surge protectors help prevent this and keep everything running smoothly. They are an easy addition to any road trip since they are easy to use and easy to store.

With a little preparation, you can be ready to face a number of possible safety situations. The right equipment can make all the difference in preventing (or at least minimizing) an emergency situation. A key part of safe RV travel is making sure your RV is running well. If you notice anything outside the ordinary, you should take it in to get looked at. Whether you need a parts replacement or a service, get it done with Ryan’s RV Town. We are located in Everett, Washington serving Tacoma, Bellingham, and Vancouver, Washington.