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Must-Have RV Accessories

Once you’ve purchased the right RV for you and your family, the next big step is filling it with all the supplies you’ll need. At first you’ll probably start with the basics, but over time you’ll pick up things that simply make RV travelling a little easier. This will be especially true for people who live full-time in their rigs, or at least take lots of long trips in them.

A lot of these items you’ll hear about by talking to other RVers, but Ryan’s RV Town has also provided some of them here. Some of these are absolute must haves, but a lot of them may not be obvious to first-time RV owners (even if you’re a veteran traveler, you might find some of these tips useful if you haven’t thought of them before).

Check them out and stop by our dealership to help us expand our own list by letting us know what works for you. We’re near Tacoma and Seattle, Washington, so visit us today!

General Essentials

There are some supplies that you’ll want to have no matter what. These are items that are essential for camping or living in an RV and trying to skip over them or save money by buying cheaply will only lead to much bigger problems. This includes supplies for your plumbing system like a drinking hose and sewer hose, as well as holding tank treatment for when it’s time to clean the tanks out (and disposable gloves).

If you have a towable RV and it doesn’t have an automatic leveling system, you’ll want to consider investing in leveling blocks for those incremental height adjustments. You also may want chocks to keep your rig from rolling away, especially if your camper doesn’t have an automatic brake.

For convenience and general good RV upkeep, a water pressure regulator and surge protector can help protect your RV from being overwhelmed by a site attachment. For example, if the water pressure the campground provides is too high for your model, you run the risk of damaging the pipes. A water pressure regulator will keep this from happening. Same thing with surge protectors. If it detects that there’s too much or not enough power getting to your RV, it’ll automatically shut off the power so there’s no damage to your electrical system (and goodness knows that would be an expensive fix).

Kitchen Accessories

Your kitchen in your RV is an essential part of the lifestyle, especially if you don’t want to be eating out for every meal, but there’s only so much room a manufacturer can allot for your kitchen, so you’ll need to come up with good ways to save space. Cutting down on dishware and cooking utensils helps, but you can also find other ways to free up room like invest in stackable dish sets or even collapsible bowls. Most RVers will also tell you a cast iron pan is a huge help. Not only are they good for the stove, but you can also stick them in the oven and it makes food taste better (not to mention it’ll last for a long time).

Miscellaneous Items

There are other items that will simply making RVing more fun. This might include a hammock to relax in outside or a portable propane fire pit so you can still enjoy a campfire when there are wood fire bans. You may also want a grill to eat some of the classic camping foods as well as outdoor chairs so no one’s sitting on the ground. And for your convenience, consider getting an RV GPS, one that’s specially designed to warn you of roads that aren’t RV accessible and tell you where the nearest RV friendly pit stop might be.

These certainly aren’t the only accessories you can invest in. This is why getting involved with the broader RV community can be so helpful. They’ll have lots of other suggestions that we may not have thought of. Stop by Ryan’s RV Town in Everett and ask around about where you can learn more from other RV owners. You can also ask about some of the RVs we have available if you’re still looking for the right rig. We carry a wide range of models and RV types, including motorhomes. If you’re near Tacoma and Seattle, WA, then stop by today!