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Interior RV Cleaning

As an RV owner, you’re going to have a lot of responsibilities in order to make sure your rig will not only continue to function for years and years to come, but that it’s also going to be comfortable to live in. Cleaning the exterior is relatively straightforward, and while cleaning the interior isn’t necessarily complicated, there is more nuance and there’s more to do. That’s why Ryan’s RV Town has provided you with a guide to cleaning the interior of your RV. This will hopefully get you started, but if you need additional advice, stop by our location in Everett, Washington, near Tacoma and Seattle.


As is the case in a stationary home, you’ll probably find your bathroom gets pretty dirty pretty quickly. There’s a lot of bacteria floating around, so keeping the area sanitized should be a priority for you. There are a few differences between your bathroom at home and your bathroom in the RV, particularly when it comes to the toilet. Sometimes getting it clean can be a challenge, so make sure you have the right strategy going into this.

Because you’re trying to save space, you may not have room for a toilet bowl brush. In this case, we recommend using disposable paper towel instead. Fill the bowl with water and then cleaner before using the paper towel to clean every inch (after putting on gloves of course). When you dispel the cleaner, you’ll probably need to flush and fill and flush again a couple times to make sure all the soap and disinfectant is gone (and doesn’t leave any residue that would make you start over in a couple days).We recommend washing the toilet once a week while you’re out on the road.

The rest of the bathroom will also need to be periodically cleaned. Just keep in mind that the materials the shower stall and other parts of the room are made of can be easily damaged by the wrong type of cleaning products. Make sure you’re using gentle products and soft towels. Don’t forget to clean the mirror and mop the floors as needed, too.


Speaking of floor, if you’re like many RV campers, your primary goal is probably to get away from the big city and explore the outdoors. As fun as this is, muddy, dirty shoes can muck up your floors pretty quickly. When you’re doing a complete cleaning of the rig, you might want to save your floors for the end, but regular touch ups can help make the big clean easier. If you have carpet, consider getting a hand vacuum. This may make vacuuming more time consuming, but they’re easier to store. If you have tile, laminate, or other hard floor surfaces, you can easily find a compact mop to make storage easier.

The Vents

One often forgotten about area is the vents in your ceiling. In such a small space, these vents can get pretty dirty pretty quickly. They won’t need to be cleaned often, but when you do, you’ll want to make sure you wash out the screens, clean the filters, and scrub the inside of the vent. We also recommend leaving them open for a little while to help them dry faster and air out a little bit before closing everything up again.

Other Details

There are a few other places where a quick touch up every now and then goes a long way. Clean your windows fairly regularly to allow more natural light in on days when it’s not too hot to open your blinds. Dust your interior periodically to dispel any nose-tickling, throat-drying particles. Wipe down your dashboard (if you have one) and use vinyl or leather protector to clean your nicer furniture. Wipe down other areas like counters and cabinets fairly often to keep grime from building up over time.

When you own an RV, you’ll essentially be responsible for a small house. You’ll want to take cleaning and maintenance as seriously for it as you do for a bigger home. A little bit of cleaning on a regular basis can help make more thorough cleanings easier, especially when it’s time to put the RV in storage. As you’re cleaning, you may notice some repairs that require a visit to the mechanic. If that’s the case, contact your local Ryan’s RV Town Everett, WA and one of our experienced technicians will help you get back on the road in no time. We proudly serve Tacoma and Seattle.