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How to Make Your Travel Trailer Feel Homey



Making Your Travel Trailer Homey Articles from Ryan’s RV Town

Spending time in your travel trailer when it’s brand new and bare inside is fine for a little while, but the longer you own your travel trailer and the more time you spend in it, the more you’ll start to crave the comforts of home. The problem is that RVs are generally built with features that are made for specific qualities—namely, they’re designed to be lightweight, durable, and expensive. But those qualities don’t always lead to a comfortable, luxurious environment. So how do you make your RV a better place for you and your family? Here at Ryan’s RV Town, we know what it’s like to decorate our RVs so we designed this short guide to share some of our favorite tips with our customers. If you need parts and repairs for your RV, stop by our Everett, Washington location, near Seattle.


An affordable and quick way to set your RV apart from other RVs is to repaint the interior. Paint is generally inexpensive. Considering the fact that most travel trailers don’t actually have much total wall space due to windows, cabinets, and other features, you can make a big change in the feeling of the room with a small investment. One idea is to paint the ceiling of your travel trailer yellow or another warm color to make it feel warmer and more comfortable inside!

Use Residential Decor

It’s easy to tell the difference between something that’s luxurious and high quality and something that’s mass-produced. While travel trailer decor gets the job done and is perfectly fine, it rarely rises to the level of the furniture people keep in their homes. By swapping out the stock furniture and decor with versions that are meant for the home, you’ll make your RV feel much more comfortable.


A few plants can make a big difference in the way your travel trailer feels. Even when you’re in nature, the inside of a travel trailer can feel somewhat sterile. A few houseplants can make a big difference in how your RV feels inside. Plus, plants recycle carbon dioxide and replace it with oxygen, making the air feel fresh and clean inside.

Real Dishes

You don’t have to be a gourmet to realize that eating off paper plates gets old. They crumple, wilt, tear, and generally don’t hold up to real food. By spending just a few dollars at your local thrift store, you can pick up a set of inexpensive tableware to make meal time that much better. If you’re eating a steak or pork chop, there’s no replacement for having real porcelain under your knife.


Most modern RVs are equipped with LED lighting because it’s energy efficient, bright, and lightweight. But LED is often blue in tint and offers a cold wash to your room. When you’re winding down at night, try using a few candles for light instead of the typical LED lighting. If you’re concerned about fires, try using flameless candles instead. Some models are even remote controlled so you can illuminate the room with warm lighting with just the push of a button.

Mementos & Keepsakes

When you’re on the road for long enough, it can start to feel like your RV has become your home. So why not bring in a few of the mementos and keepsakes that remind you of the other parts of your life? Pictures of your friends and family, souvenirs from places you’ve been before, and keepsakes that mean something to you will help to make the things you love feel a little closer.

Fabric & Texture

Bringing in a little bit of warmth and texture is important for feeling like you’re in a home. Try adding a small area rug, some drapes, and even a few inexpensive throw pillows or tablecloths. Not only will this make lounging and leisure more comfortable, it will also help you keep the indoors and the outdoors separate in your mind.

Decorating a travel trailer can be fun if you put some thought into it and take your time to come up with the look you like. Stop by Ryan’s RV Town when you’re ready to see a few excellent travel trailers. We’re located in Everett, near Seattle, Washington. Our experienced team will help you find exactly what you need!