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Don’t Forget To Do These Things Before Your 5th Wheel Rentals In Federal Way

Don't Forget To Do These Things Before Your 5th Wheel Rentals In Federal Way

When it comes time to head out on the open road, it’s crucial to have proper maintenance performed on your vehicles. That is especially true when you’re heading out with 5th wheel rentals in Federal Way. As you’re renting your home away from home, you want to know the vehicle you’re towing with is ready to go. It’s best to do a few things before you find yourself on the side of the road waiting for a tow. Here are some things to keep in mind when renting a travel trailer to go on vacation with:

Will Your Vehicle Pull The Rental?

It’s crucial to ensure your vehicle is large enough to handle the weight the 5th wheel will put behind it. If not, you’ll need to rent a truck that can handle the trailer safely as you enjoy a trip around the country.

Your Current Vehicle

If you know that your vehicle can handle the trailer, here are a few things to do before you leave:

  • Oil Change – Be sure your vehicle is ready to go with the most recent oil change and checking all the fluids. The trailer will put an added strain on the vehicle, so you want to put fresh fluids in the truck.
  • Check The Tires – A flat tire is bad enough on a regular day. However, when you’re pulling a trailer with your family, it can be almost impossible to change on the side of the road. Ensure you’ve had your tires rotated, balanced if needed, and aired up to properly pull the trailer.
  • Routine Brakes and Vehicle Inspection – Just take your truck in for a regular check over all the major safety points to ensure you’re ready to hit the road.

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