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Choosing the Right RV

Choosing the right RV for your next adventure is as important as who to bring or where you’re going. That’s why Ryan’s RV Town, located in Everett, Washington, near Seattle and Tacoma has put together a list of features to consider when purchasing an RV. We want you and your family to have as much fun as possible while you’re on the road, so be sure to consider all of our tips and suggestions carefully. Then, come visit our dealership in person and check out our selection of Trailers, Campers, Motorhomes, and more, for sale!


Vacationing on wheels is really easy with trailers-just hitch it to your car and go!

Fifth Wheel Trailers

Fifth wheel trailers have the most unique hitch setup compared to other trailer types. The fifth wheel found under the front end of the trailer sits over the bed of a pickup truck. Often times, the front of the fifth wheel trailer allows for a bedroom or living room in the front portion of the trailer. You can find a homelike experience through more luxurious amenities due to its hitch setup.


Toy Haulers

Toy haulers are the best option for people looking to bring along extra toys right in the RV. You can load and unload your dirt bikes or motorcycle from the cargo space with the large door that doubles as a ramp. Though some of the living space in the trailer is taken up by your toys, you can find ways to make the most out of the cargo space by using it as extra sleeping room or a lounge area.


Travel Trailers

The car that takes you to and from work could be the key to your next Travel trailers are great options if you’re looking to explore life on the road or camp with a higher level of comfort-even if they don’t own a pickup truck. A big advantage to owning a travel trailer is its ability to be towed by a wide range of vehicles. They’re designed to be pulled all over the road by most vehicles including minivans and SUVs. The car that takes you to and from work could double as your towing vehicle.



If you are looking for an RV that doesn’t require a separate tow vehicle, motorhomes come fully equipped with their own engines and transmissions.

Class A Motorhomes

Class A motorhomes offer buyers large floorplans and luxurious features. These options are ideal for full-time living because they include a lot of the comforts found in stationary homes. Features such as central vacuuming systems and combination washer and dryers are just the beginning of what you can find in these motorhomes. The large floorplans of these motorhomes will allow you to accommodate your whole family and pets cozily.


Class B Motorhomes

If you are looking for a smaller package that makes maneuvering on the road more easily, Class B motorhomes are the perfect options. These motorhomes make the most of space with features like popup tops for extra height and dining tables that convert to beds. Class B motorhomes tend to be more fuel efficient out of the three classes due to their compact size. So it you are looking for a more snug option that is easier on gas, this class is one you might want to consider.

Class C Motorhomes

Class C motorhomes are a good option for people looking for a little more space than what Class B has to offer, but a little less than the size of a Class A. With this class, you do not have to compromise some of the luxuries you can find in larger motorhomes. One of the perks to owning a Class C motorhome is its capability to tow a separate vehicle. This is convenient if you are looking to travel to destinations where taking your day-to-day vehicle is a more comfortable mode of transportation.

Remember, toy haulers and fifth wheels offer the most room for your family and your gear, but motorhomes deliver a wider range of home-style amenities and comforts. And travel trailers offer a wide variety of floorplans and towing options, if you want a little more on-the-road freedom. Whatever you choose, Ryan’s RV Town has got the perfect Trailer or Motorhome for you and your family. Check out our selection in person, our dealership is located near Waukegan, Chicago, and Northern Illinois!