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Best RV Smartphone Apps

While camping is generally about getting out into nature and enjoying life the way we used to enjoy it, there are still a lot of ways in which modern technologies and conveniences can help you. Even that smartphone sitting in your pocket can make certain parts of your RV trip much easier. There are dozens of apps you can download that were either initially made for RVers or can be used to help you. We’ve provided a list of apps that many of our customers find most helpful, but we’re also interested in hearing what helps you. Stop by Ryan’s RV Town so we can swap tips and also let us know if your RV needs any maintenance or repairs. We’re in Everett, Washington, near Seattle and Tacoma, serving Bellingham and Vancouver.


Allstays is a company that makes apps specifically for long trips. Whether you’re a trucker or a one-time traveler, you can find an Allstays app that will help you. For our RVers, we recommend the Camp and RV app. It gives you over 30,000 campgrounds, including privately owned ones and national and state forests and parks. If you’re a serious camper, they also provide certain primitive locations that need a little extra work to access, like hike-in or boat-in areas. It also provides you with information on each campsite and what you can expect when you arrive.

Beyond simply finding the right campground, it gives you a number of other important pieces of information, such as where you can find overnight parking that’s RV friendly, as well as rest stops that can easily accommodate your rig. It can find you stores that might interest you–camping supplies, fishing stores, etc.–and, perhaps most importantly when you’re in a bind, it can help you find RV services. This includes rental locations and available technicians. Essentially, if you only use one app for your RV trips, it might be this one.

GPS and Maps

As fun as it can be to hit the road with reckless abandon, it can be more efficient to have a destination in mind. There are lots of apps that can help you navigate the complex web of highway system connecting one state to the next. In fact, even some of the older smartphones come standard with a map app, whether that be Google maps or something else.

However, you can also download apps that come with more navigational features. Apps like CoPilot will give you more information on common road issues like incoming traffic hazards and more dependable offline navigation. You can also get the RV specific app, which also includes pit stops that are RV friendly as well as make sure you take roads that are equipped for your vehicle. This way, you won’t find out the hard way that you won’t make a clearance height.

RV Checklist

This app is all about helping you prepare. There’s a lot to consider when you’re getting ready for an RV trip, from packing to vehicle prep to route and activity planning. A checklist can be a great way to keep track of everything, but goodness knows how easy it is to lose stray pieces of paper. Using your phone can be a great alternative. The advantage of using RV Checklist is that you can use one of their premade lists to get you started and then add your own personal needs to it. This can cut down on some of the planning time as well as give you ideas. You can also share your list with others if you’re looking for ways to become a bigger part of the RV community.

These cover just some of the basic RV apps that can make your trip much less stressful so you can focus all your energy on enjoying your adventure. You can also look into weather apps, gas finding apps, and apps that will tell you about important state-to-state changes as you travel around. But maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves. If you still need an RV to travel around in, stop by Ryan’s RV Town in in Everett, Washington to get a tour of the models we have on our lot right now. We welcome all current and future RV owners from Seattle, Tacoma, Bellingham, and Vancouver.