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Benefits of Renting an RV

Whether you like to travel a lot, or you are just looking for a way to comfortably and efficiently go about your next adventure, you should consider getting a rental RV from Ryan’s RV Town, and see how you like the RV life! You and your family deserve the most enjoyable vacation, and one of the most important parts of an enjoyable vacation is finding the easiest, most convenient way to get food, water, and shelter, while on your journey. Although there are other options, renting your own RV is by far the most reasonable. You should stop into one of our locations in Everett, Seattle, or Tacoma, WA, for an RV rental, and here are just a few reasons why:

…Versus Staying in Hotels

Staying in hotels may be nice – no housekeeping, a comfortable bed to stay in, a spacious room – but nothing about a hotel is more efficient, cleaner, or more comfortable than using an RV rental. Sure, you don’t have to clean a hotel, but in a rental RV – your portable home – you know how clean your floors, sheets, and dishes are, because you cleaned them, while in the hotel, you’ll never if, or how well, the staff cleans the rooms. You also don’t have to worry about wasting extra money on food, since you have your own fully stocked kitchen, same as it is when you’re not on vacation, while in a hotel, you’re pretty much limited to whatever restaurants are in the area, which can be a huge inconvenience. What’s even more inconvenient about hotels is that you need to figure out ahead of time what size of hotel you need to stay in, and which hotels have availability for the size you need. This can be especially difficult if, say, you have a family of five or more, but in an RV, this is never a problem! There’s really no comparison between staying in your own RV and renting a hotel.

…Versus Buying your own RV

If you want to get an RV, sure, down the road, buying one might be a good idea. But until you commit to the RV lifestyle, we recommend you start out with a rental RV, both to see what it’s like, and to see what kind of RV will fit your needs and preferences. When you go into a dealership to buy an RV, you can’t just test drive it like you would a car – you would have to actually take it out on a trip to see how the storage space works for you, whether the floor plan is appropriate for your family, and if you have the kinds of beds and furniture that suit you and your family’s personal comforts. When you buy an RV right away, you won’t get to figure all this stuff out until after you’re already halfway through with your vacation, and then you’re stuck with it! Rental RVs, however, allow you to sample whatever type of RV you want, and if you don’t like it, you can use a different RV for your next trip!

Preview the RV Lifestyle!

The RV lifestyle is great, and we encourage anyone to get into it, but before you start, it’s always important to remember to take it slow. Starting small is always a good idea, so why not make your first trip with a pop-up camper rental? It’s inexpensive, but will still give you a taste of the RV life, as you’ll get to experience a vacation where you get to return to a familiar bed, with familiar furniture, appliances, and amenities, every night. If you like it – and we’re sure you will – then you should move up one more step, and maybe try out a fifth wheel or motorhome! Rental RVs are always a great way to try something new on your next trip.


Rental RVs are obviously a better choice than hotels or buying your own right away, especially if you’re new to RVing. You’ll get all the convenience of home while you’re on vacation, and what’s not to love about that! Stop into our dealership at Ryan’s RV Town sometime to talk about rentals, as we also have locations in Bellingham and Vancouver, WA.