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3 Hidden Gem Travel Destinations Enumclaw RVers Will Love

3 Hidden Gem Travel Destinations Enumclaw RVers Will Love

Traveling and discovering new destinations is what RV life is all about. Yes, there are well-known places everyone knows about, but why stop there? There are some wonderful hidden gems all across the United States. Why not check out the Wildwood motorhome – RV – travel trailers for rent in Enumclaw and hit the road for some adventure this summer?

Visit Bavaria & Never Leave the States

If you haven’t considered Georgia as a destination, you should. Helen is a lovely town nestled in the mountains of Georgia. What makes it unique is the buildings. It resembles a Bavarian village tucked away in the US. There are under 500 people in the town, but it is one of Georgia’s top three places to visit. Yonah Mountain Camping Resort is an excellent place to park your RV.

Coastal Alabama

If you love coastal life, Fairhope is the place to be. You can kayak and enjoy other water sports. The music is great there, and the seafood is delicious. Like any Southern town, the folks are friendly and welcoming. We like Escapees Rainbow Plantation to park our motorhome.

Visit Cherry Country

Michigan is not on many RVer’s lists of places to travel, but we believe it ought to be. Traverse City sits on Grand Traverse Bay and has lots of activities. There are trails, parks, and water fun. If you head there in July, you can enjoy the annual cherry festival. There are fantastic restaurants to check out. Park your RV at Traverse City State Park.

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